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Fearless offers 2 simple plans with transparent & easy to understand pricing. Members can choose to subscribe monthly or annually either in-app or on the web.

Fearless Monthly

Fearless Yearly

If you signup on the web

$6.99 USD per month

$69.99 USD per year

If you signup in-app

7-days free, then
$7.99 USD per month

or a comparable amount billed in your currency.

$79.99 USD per year

or a comparable amount billed in your currency.

Which features are included in my plan?

All plans have every feature and all content.

Why is it cheaper to subscribe on the web?

The app platforms (Apple, Amazon, Roku and Google) take a massive cut of subscription revenue from app developers like us (15-30% in fact). In order to offset these "taxes" that the platforms charge us, we reduce the cost of your subscription by $1 per month / $10 per year if you choose to subscribe via the web.

Free Trials

Free trials are offered in-app but not on the web. Customers who subscribe via the web will start their membership immediately. Note that you are receiving a lower ongoing price point in lou of a free trial.


Coupons / promo codes cannot be redeemed in the apps - they can only be redeemed via the web.

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