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How to Cancel my Fearless membership?
How to Cancel my Fearless membership?
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Need to cancel your Fearless membership? No worries, it’s simple and you can do it yourself from your device.

Please Note: Deleting the app will NOT cancel your subscription. You must follow the instructions based on the device you signed up on in order for billing to stop.

For Web (

Warning: This only works if you signed up on the Web at If you signed up on your iPad/iPhone, Android device or FireTV, you need to follow the instructions for the platform you signed up on in order to stop being billed.

If you signed up on the Web, follow these instructions:

If you’d rather Change your Plan instead of canceling, you can do that as well in the same place.

For iOS (App Store)

If you signed up on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Tap your name.

  3. Tap Subscriptions. (If you don’t see “Subscriptions,” tap “iTunes & App Store” instead. Then tap your Apple ID, tap View Apple ID, sign in, scroll down to Subscriptions, and tap Subscriptions.)

  4. Tap the subscription that you want to manage. Don’t see the subscription that you’re looking for?

  5. Tap Cancel Subscription. If you don’t see Cancel Subscription, the subscription is already canceled and won’t renew.

Image courtesy of Apple.

For Android (Google Play)

If you signed up on an Android-based phone or tablet, follow these instructions:

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store

    Google Play
  2. Check if you’re signed in to the correct Google Account.

  3. Tap Menu

    and then


  4. Select the subscription you want to cancel.

  5. Tap Cancel subscription.

  6. Follow the instructions.

Video courtesy of Google.

For Amazon Fire TV (Amazon App Store)

If you signed up on Amazon Fire TV, follow these instructions:

To cancel your Fearless membership on

For Cable TV / Set-Top / Satellite / IPTV Providers

If you signed up via one of the below providers:

  • Comcast (USA)

  • Xfinity (USA)

  • Rogers (Canada)

  • Bell / BellMTS / Bell Aliant (Canada)

  • CenturyLink

  • IgniteTV

  • Armstrong

  • Frontier

  • Tbay Tel

  • U-verse

  1. Most providers have the ability for you to change your subscriptions via an online portal. This is generally called “subscriptions,” “in-app purchases” or “add-ons” (it’s possible that it’s called something else also). If your provider offers this, you should be able to cancel, pause or resume from your portal.

  2. If your provider does not have these options, we suggest that you contact the customer support team for your provider to get instructions on how to cancel or change your plan.

Note: Since these CableTV providers bill you separately, Fearless does not have access to your payment information and we are unable to make changes to your account. Contacting the Fearless Support Team or asking to speak to a manager at Fearless will not change this fact. You MUST contact your provider directly if you are subscribed via a CableTV provider.

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