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How is my payment being processed?
How is my payment being processed?
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We use (a division of the VISA company) to process payments made directly through us via the web. We are fully PCI compliant and we have measures in place to protect against fraud, bad actors, and unauthorized charges.

If you sign up for Fearless through one of our apps, then your payment is processed by the company that runs the app store on your platform (ie: Apple, Google, Amazon or Roku, etc).

If you sign up via Xfinity, Comcast or your CableTV provider, then the company that you signed up with manages your payment data and Fearless has ZERO access to it.

If you sign up using PayPal, then PayPal (or their sub-company Braintree which they also own) handles your credit card information.

Keeping Yourself Safe

  • Fearless staff will never ask you for your credit card data by phone or email. In the event that Fearless staff needs to verify a payment method, we will ask you for the last 4 digits of the card number only.

  • If someone asks you for your credit card information directly claiming to be Fearless, it is a scam. Learn more about how to keep your account secure here.

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